Ewenny Pottery
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Radio 4 Sunday Worship


Canon Edwin Counsell and the Rt Rev June Osborne with a service from Ewenny Priory, with contributions from Alun and Caitlin Jenkins at nearby Ewenny Pottery.


Ewenny Potteries, Potters & Pots by Ieuan and Gwyneth Evans

Second Edition Book 

Available now at the pottery.

The book aims to chronicle some of the history of the potteries of the Ewenny district, the potters and the wares that they produced.The many colour illustrations and detailed information make this book the most authorative work yet produced.

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Hand made Christmas decorations by Caitlin Jenkins. Available at the pottery throughout November and December.


Osaka, Japan

Ewenny Pottery was recently featured in a Product Showcase in Osaka, Japan arranged by the Welsh Assembly Government .

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Hampton Court

Hampton Court Auricula Theatre - The National Collection of Pop Plants Auriculas displayed in 'Long Tom's' made at Ewenny Pottery.


Blink and you'll miss it! Ewenny Pottery pots featured in  'Sherlock'  Series 4, Episode 1 - first shown on BBC 1 - 1/1/2017.

Ewenny Pottery Ewenny 900

BBC Bitesize

Ewenny 900

To celebrate 900 years of Ewenny Priory, in 2015, Ewenny Pottery made a medivael style beaker with the Ewenny cross motif.

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